About ChaNan

My journey began in my early 20’s,  whilst I was travelling in Australia and South East Asia. This whole time away was a massive shift in perspective for me – a very steep learning curve. Feeling ‘energy’ for the first time was the start of it and then a whole series of events snowballed. Part of this snow ball was that my body re-adjusted itself after 6 years of synthetic hormones, it was astounding for me to realise the impact the pill had unknowingly  on my life, my hormones and my sensitivity.

© Saran Bonser

I was also discovering just how much I had been desensitising my empathic responses through self -medicating via alcohol and marijuana. I was realising that I was a complete sponge in relation to emotions, physical symptoms and the energetics of those around me. It was eye opening that I thought I was quite together whereas I was discovering just how much I wasn’t!!

I was in a great place with lots of inspiring, empowered women around me and access to some great  literature.  I devoured Miranda Grey, Jeanine Parvati, Susun Weed, Rosemary Gladstar and other great books. I read everything I could get my hands on about women’s bodies, and spent time exploring my inner worlds for the first time. I started to work with  my chakras, meridians and auras, crystals appeared in my life in a huge way, and I had all this energy coming out of my hands!
I discovered  yoga which was the start of of a life long love, and  revealed that I could move this energy in my body with asana and pranayama. It was an exciting time and I felt alive.

I started tracking my body, and kept started to keep a journal to discover how the moon and stars affected my emotions and my body.  I began to understand  about the innate power of me.

© Saran Bonser

Since then I have been deeply working with myself, and my empathic responses, going into my physical body, my bones and muscles,  going through the layers of my psyche, listening to what my womb, my yoni  and those deep places of me have to say. Clearing many generations of conditioning, ancestral trauma and stuff I had picked up through my young adulthood.

It is  always evolving, the journey never ending…. I love it and I have been privileged to have been initiated into mystery schools and gateways I could never have imagined. The power of prayer and the power of divine heartfire keep me on track together with a depth of knowledge of my body which is always teaching me. Knowing that I am always informed by my body, my physical body, and my dreaming body and those bodies in between.