Womb, Menstruality and the Deep Feminine

I offer workshops, retreats and one to one sessions on womb work and menstruality. These tend to happen in the format of women’s circles in a deeply held and witnessed space, although for people who would like one to one sessions this is entirely possible, either face to face or through the virtual world of Skype or telephone.

With this work, expect to drop into a deep space and be prepared to journey, to laugh and to cry, as we work in an held, sacred space.
I weave in practical and mystical knowledge – not only on our physical bodies but our energetic, emotional, etheric and spiritual bodies as well.2013-07-05 14.38.15_1024
Within this, we weave in our stories of our bleeding, our menarches, with ritual, womb yoga, journeying, healing, menstruality and the empowering cervix teachings of fertility and spontaneous ovulation.

This work helps any woman who would like to connect more with her inner essence, her sexuality, her creativity and her fertility.

This can help very deeply with menstrual issues such as endometriosis, painful bleeds or ancestral/familial issues in your line.

This can be tailored for groups, for couples, or for those who are gender neutral,  or for men who would like to work with their spirit womb and their deep cycles.

Please contact me for more information and know that this work is a process, and it is important for any who come to it, to commit to doing self study in their own time, it really is worth it and makes the most of anything we do.

I am a qualified teacher of Womb Yoga; working with gentle flowing movement, asana, mudra and breath work, this is wonderful work to assist you in connecting to your womb, to your deep well of creativity and mystery. This includes various tantric exercises and teachings to help you embody both deep aspects of sacred feminine and masculine.

An example of this is the Earth Heart Heaven Movement here