I call these master plants Teacher Plants, because simply they are some of our greatest teachers. When they are worked with in a way that honours them, they have tremendous wisdom and gifts to impart as well as deep insights and assistance in getting to know the depth of ourselves.

This may come with challenges to our physical, mental and emotional bodies and may bring with them a confrontation of our ego. Often they come with light filled laughter, deep connection to the worlds around us and an opening to a part of ourselves we might have felt we lost sight of long ago.

I have had the privilege to have worked with some of these plants in depth over the past 26 years and have first hand knowledge of how they can both confront, deepen, connect and open us to our lives, hearts and bodies.

I have a deep understanding of how by working with them they can create lasting change within our psyche, emotional, mental and practical aspects of our life, and often it is not an easy path to integrate, understand and maintain.

To be clear I am NOT offering psychedelic assisted therapy, what I am offering is a bespoke series of sessions, to prepare you for a meeting with Teacher Plants and then to help you integrate afterwards.

Each tailor made journey is designed with you, and depends on the Teacher you are meeting, where and how the meeting is taking place and then a minimum of 3 sessions at specifically timed intervals to help with integration and discovery after the meeting. Within this there may be practical work, such as altar creation, art projects, medicine bundle making, creative writing and energy exercises to do.

I am also happy to discuss facilitation of integration after a meeting if you come across my work after the meeting has taken place.

The cost of this work is separate from my therapy work and will be discussed when there is an understanding of the scope of the journey we are creating.

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