The liminal dreaming space

Dreaming Circle

I am excited to be restarting the dreaming circle in a different format.
We will be meeting once a month in a closed group starting in October for 5 months, there will be two groups running concurrently, starting on either the evening of Thursday 20th or the morning of Friday 21st.

The circle will see us through the winter using embodied imagination practices along with exploratory creative process, whether that be art, writing or whatever works for you.  There will be a supportive practice sent out between each circle.  The intent of this series is exploring the seeds and gifts you have planted over these summer months, what you have gathered in with your harvest.  We will be witnessing the parts of you that want to co-create, assisting them to come together in the garden of your heart, looking at the bits that desire to be composted, to bring richness to your depths in order to distill your dream to a potent place ready to plant or birth in 2023.

Thursday / Friday Dates:
6-8.30 pm 20th / 9.30-12 noon 21st October
6-8.30 pm 17th / 9.30-12 noon 18th November
6-8.30 pm 15th / 9.30-12 noon 16th December
6-8.30 pm 19th / 9.30-12 noon 20th January
6-8.30 pm 16th / 9.30-12 noon 17th February

Self selected concessionary rate £110
Mid-point £270
Generosity of gifting it forwards £475

Payment plans available on request in advance.
All sessions will be recorded so if you cannot make a session then you can catch up in your own time.

Previous Participants say…

“The dreaming circle has been a wonderful experience; enlightening and thought provoking, providing a beautifully safe and supportive space for me to understand myself better. It’s enabled me to really rummage around those deeply hidden parts of my being which can sometimes hinder the journey along my chosen path.”


“ChaNan extends the invitation to journey to the places where you meet yourself with curiosity, love and compassion. She is an expert way finder and holder of a safe space.”


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