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Dreaming Circle

The Circle is now OPEN for registration for the Spring Cycle – Limited places only remaining for Thursday evening

This Spring circle will see us out of the wintry dark months, through Spring and into Summer, we will be using creative embodied imagination practices along with exploratory creative process, whether that be art, writing or whatever works for you.    
We will be listening to how our body responds to the elements of Earth, and her seasons as we approach the timing and impetus to birthing and growing our selves and projects we want to put out into the world.

We will be witnessing the parts of you that want to co-create, assisting them to come together in the garden of your heart, looking at the places and bits that desire to be left to incubate, which ones want to be weeded and tended, as well as to bring richness to your depths in order to distill your dream for this time.

The circle is Thursday evening 6 to 8.30pm UK time. All sessions will be recorded and available for registered participants and the practices will be separated out so you may use these as prompts for support. There is also a private forum page for you to connect with during the cycle.

  • March Thurs 16th  
  • April    Thurs 13th    
  • May     Thurs 11th  
  • June    Thurs  8th  

The costs are:

  • Concessionary rate £95
  • “Standard” rate £220
  • Pay it Forward  £385

Previous Participants say…

“The dreaming circle has been a wonderful experience; enlightening and thought provoking, providing a beautifully safe and supportive space for me to understand myself better. It’s enabled me to really rummage around those deeply hidden parts of my being which can sometimes hinder the journey along my chosen path.”


“it was lovely to be carried through the depths of winter and to emerge out the other side having you guiding us, and having the group alongside, as travelling companions – such a deep, enriching dive into the darkness. Feeling very nourished now!BR

“ChaNan extends the invitation to journey to the places where you meet yourself with curiosity, love and compassion. She is an expert way finder and holder of a safe space.”


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