Empathic Response and Wisdom


Many  of the people that come into my clinic are empaths; What is an empath? An empath  feels the emotions and often physical symptoms of another – whether they are human or animal – or of physical places. Being an empath can be a great thing, it can though often been seen as being a burden – especially if you have never been shown how to work with your energy body, both the inside one and the external one.  By doing this work you know what is yours and what is others, and if it is others what you then do about it.

Much of my work is about getting my clients to understand how to be an empath in a modern world and how to change patterns that were often established as a very valid means of defence and that are now unhelpful or even harmful.

It can be revelatory for them to understand that instead of finding collective humanity a struggle or a burden, they can be with others and be in control of what they are picking up and understanding.

This requires work on your inner self, work with your energy body which in turn builds up a robust energy body that encourages you to bring your energy under your own domain.

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