I have a sliding scale of payment, and I ask you to be genuinely honest in what your capacity is in terms of what you can afford. Times are tough for many right now, so if you can afford the higher rates please know that this subsidises those who genuinely cannot afford to pay me, and those who are on a concessionary rate.

My principle is one of fair trade, that the work I bring to you is valued, so please sit with and consider the question of what value do these sessions bring you, and respond accordingly. I am open to a conversation to bring clarity, an exchange of skills if you bring a gift or talent that reciprocates the session.

Fee Structures

  • Genuinely skint and struggling: £0 please pay the session forwards in acts of random kindness.
  • Concessionary Places: £10 – £45  you choose how much you can afford.
  • For People with Enough:
    The invitation is to choose your price point from my minimum to my upper rates: 
    • £55/£80 to £200/270
    • (Although you are always welcome to pay me more!)
    • These prices are for follow on/first sessions.

Please note: I have a specific number of concessionary/pay it forwards client spaces, if you feel this arrangement is necessary for you, I ask you to talk to me in advance as all concessionary prices need to be agreed beforehand.

It is one of my core principles that money should NOT restrict access to healing, this is an ingrained aspect of our culture and I am committed to working with and empowering those from all walks of life.

I donate at least 10% of my income to charities supporting local community food banks, reforesting, and indigenous and first nation elders and communities as well as multiple other calls for assistance.

I also am actively seeking ways of working within charitable organisations.

Please contact me using the form below.

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