Our Bodies as a Book

I find it really interesting how as a collective we get swept up into a body system or aspect, and it becomes the latest thing that everyone is training in, for example Somatic therapies are the latest thing, before that it might have been Polyvagal theory, or equally breathing, or our microbiome and psychedelic assisted therapy is coming up as well!

I find myself observing how I respond to this… how the latest podcasts, books, courses and amazing teachers or influencers sway my gravitational pull as I head into a rabbit or worm hole, only to come out the other side understanding that actually the shiny thing wasn’t necessarily shiny, and it had only succeeded in taking me away from the core of myself, distracting me from what was really needing to be listened to

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not dissing anyone who wants to do a deep dive, or a shallow one for that matter (and lets face it, I am there with deep dives, belly flops and shallow ones too!!) But it strikes me at the moment that so much of what is out there actually separates myself out into a specific word, sentence, paragraph or chapter of the amazing beauty and wholeness that it the book of my body.

I know for myself my mind can grab hold of something, but within that I then struggle to actually land it in myself, become embodied with it, it becomes a shiny thing, a badge or a sticker something that I may possibly choose to exploit. It feels like an old paradgim to me, maybe part of my colonial history playing out right there… how am I colonising my body?

So right now I am sitting with how can I actually weave what I am learning into my body as a whole, so I don’t separate it out… for example my nervous system only works as a chapter in my book, my vagus nerve is a couple of pages of that chapter, how does that chapter weave into the flow of reading my body, alongside my chapters on senses, hormones, energy body, digestion etc. I am questing where am I getting caught obsessively going over one sentence one paragraph again and again.

I guess I need to slow down in some areas, and in others maybe turn the page, or open my book randomly to see what the other parts of my body have to say about this….

I would be interested to know where this takes you too?

PS… and then I look up and see the garden, the trees, the land how it effortlessly weaves together to make a whole, with each one having both quiet and loud times… sigh

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