You have found your way to my home space… have a mooch around with a cup of tea whilst I tell you a bit about myself.

I am in my 50’s and I am a healer, a teacher, a creator and holder of spaces – both in the body, for individuals and in groups.

My healing journey started in my early twenties when I was exploring lands on the other side of the world and I become aware of energy outside of our bodies, of Elemental Beings who live within the landscape and that sent me off on a never ending quest to deepen my relationship as a human being rooted in the landscape of where I call home. Since that time I have worked every day with altars, whether they be simple and momentary or deeper for more potent purposes

Right now home is in Wales, a land that has adopted me for the past 23 years we have moved from the Mountains of the North, the the Valleys of Mid and now are on a little smallholding where I am forever deepening my relationship with the elemental beings of this little patch of land, learning how to grow and to create in harmony with the land here, always knowing that I am an english woman on these lands

My learnings and trainings have been centred deeply around yoga, the body, and women’s health, in relationship to fertility cycles and latterly the wisdom our peri-menopausal and menopausal cycles bring, and along the way have woven in beloved herbal forays, and a rich 7 year apprenticeship with a Medicine Woman who loves earth deeply and resides in the US. She taught me how to use my light body to reach out and work with other people irregardless of where they are in the world, and she held me as I quested my relationship with the other realms and with the ancestors who prayed for us through a series of ceremonies. She deepened my understanding of minerals, rocks and crystals and since then I work consistently with Crystal Skulls and their relationship with the web of life around them.

For the past 23 years I have worked within a circle of the Sacred Fire of Izatachalatlan, working alongside my husband who is initiated to hold these circles, and this includes all night long prayer and song ceremonies conducted in a formal ritual setting, I am consistently in awe of the simplicity of how sitting in front of a ritual fire brings a deep connection to those ancient parts of ourselves.

Eliot Cowan, deepened my relationship with the plant world through his Plant Spirit Medicine training, and this ignited a deep respect and love for the Ancient Chinese medicine that is the Five Elements and has been my constant companion for the past years as I learn from them every day

And all of these then bought me to beloved offerings of the School of Creative Kinesiology of which I am a director, teacher and therapist of….. do have a look at my website here

I love how all these bits of me make up my whole… and that whole is continually seeking the other bits of me that are still hidden and are waiting to be reunited with myself. I love writing, reading, singing badly, sewing, honouring the cycles and seasons of the land and myself and walking barefoot with my dog whilst foraging for whatever is in season

Much of my focus is how us as humans can devolve ourselves to become more rooted to earth, and I am deeply informed by the wisdom of First Nations elders, and our inner compasses which always try to guide us back to the Garden of our Hearts and as such I empower and help guide other humans in a way that can bring them back from the edge of overwhlem to create space in their body so they can listen to their own inner compass, felt sense and knowing.

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