My Work

Between us we create a potent space, where your body can express the story it is holding, what ‘it’ would like to share, to be seen, to be witnessed, to be deeply listened to.
The threads that come may be carried in your blood and bone, from your ancestors; they may form part of your life story or it might be something that you had no idea was still with you. You may already know them well or be from an early part of your life. There might be a traumatic event that has shaped your life path as well as your body’s reactions to circumstances and stressful situations around you, equally it may be something completely random!
The places it may be anchored, stored, or reside vary, often we orient around one of your meridians( an energy pathway), a body part, an Element or your energy body.

Through deep witnessing and listening, gathering the story, resourcing and regulating any part of you that needs it we can begin to release the effect of this. We can plug into resources that were not seen before to help create space and freedom.

Into this space, alongside the mystery and stories you carry,
we weave the threads of a new story, spun from your history and
allowing bits to be unpicked as needed and woven anew….
bringing in different colours, textures and words, themes and senses, seasons and elements.

This allows your felt sense, your deep inner knowing to continue evolving, to continue informing all those parts of you to help them take a new shape, a new place, to see things from a different place and to step with confidence

Listening deeply to your body, all parts of you, I pay attention and hold you gently, giving you the safety to explore what needs to be seen.
Quietly, softly, steadily, step by step we encourage all those parts of you to unfold.

We gather information by listening to your felt sense, by words or images, and by the skills of my perception.
I am able to traverse the unseen layers, the hidden depths, whilst coming from a place of unattached curiosity, with deep respect for the life you have lived.

Always coming back to what will bring you more clearly and strongly rooted in your body; what brings you into a stronger and clearer relationship with Earth.
In this way you may really step into more of yourself, bringing your skills and talents to the fore so you can step deeper into your path.

Slowly, together we will begin to soften the place and parts of you that are holding on, moving only at the pace of your quietest and slowest part

Lisa-Jane, Portugal

ChaNan has the most extraordinary levels of skill, experience, intuitive capacity and trust in a process that is run by one’s own body. She is an outstanding healer, an incredible guide and in a class of her own when it comes to this body of work.